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ISO 9001 lays out the standards and criteria to be met in order to take into consideration the quality of the service or product, without determining whether such practices are necessary (an organization should describe the operational conditions optimally). ISO 9001 contains seven key criteria that need to be recognized and applied, as well as a variety of sub-clauses. Talk to our IQC ISO Pros of Utah team today in Layton, Utah (UT) for ISO 9001 qualification assistance.


ISO 45001

ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management System is a way of solving issues that shield personnel and main stakeholders from accidents and hazards. It helps safeguard workers from ill-health, exacerbated or aggravated by work, and deaths caused by injuries. It also plays a key role in ensuring the safety of visitors, such as customers and vendors. Improving the health and safety infrastructure to the standard defined in ISO 45001 allows you to anticipate, monitor, and comply with health and safety regulations. By doing so, lowers the risk of lawsuits, increases competitiveness, and offers clients confidence. At IQC The ISO Pros of Utah in Layton (UT), we can help build a custom QMS and provide guidance.

How could ISO 45001 help improve my business?

Income is also one of the aspects that an injury or a work-related illness can cost your company. Just one occurrence will inflict inestimable harm to your credibility. As a result, millions of days are lost to poor health per year, resulting in a major loss in production. The ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management Framework has been developed to help you reduce these threats and their related costs.

Through benchmarking existing practices and operations against ISO 45001 qualification criteria, you would be able to secure the company within weeks. Internationally recognized, ISO 45001 is also the minimum standard needed to conform with the tendering criteria and to show adherence to the safety and best practices of employees. Your public and private sector customers would be satisfied with your ISO 45001 certification since it explicitly shows that you are a forward-thinking company that mitigates threats and complies with regulations.

ISO 270001

We are living in a modern-day era, and no organization can continue to neglect the value of sound information protection management. Risks vary from ransomware attacks to hacking market secrets. Customers depend on the service company to guarantee that the information they send to the organization is kept safe. Any manipulation of company information protection often places customers at risk. ISO 27001 of 2013, which replaced the 2005 edition, is an international regulation that includes a structure for the application and management of the Information Protection Management System (ISMS) to mitigate and defend against these threats. IQC’s The ISO Pros of Utah in Layton (UT) recognize what it takes to be certified to protect them.

The International Organization for Standardization and the International Electro-Technical Commission have cooperated with the creation of the specification through a sub-committee. A company does not have to be certified, although it is preferable to do so. Certification will be carried out by an approved and impartial certification agency. The norm consists of 10 sections and an appendix.

The first part deals with the scale, the second with the analog, and the third with the re-use of terminology and meanings, while the fourth part deals with organizational meaning and stakeholders.

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