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ISO 20000

ISO 20000 would allow the company to follow a holistic approach to ensuring that you have strategies, practices, and processes in order to deliver good information technology services. At the end of the day, this ensures that you have an outstanding service that meets the desires of the client by combining efficient processes.


ISO 20000 guarantees that everybody understands who and what needs to happen, which ensures that staff and systems have the same power and goals. It not only guarantees that goods and services are provided to satisfy the expectations of the customer but also makes it easier for you to track and optimize costs.

Via continuous development and integration of IT resource into all areas of industry, companies are increasingly relying on internal and externally operated providers. However, unprepared suppliers can find it challenging to reach even the minimum standards of quality and customer loyalty. IQC The ISO Pros of Utah in Orem (UT) is ideally positioned to work alongside you to satisfy customer needs and surpass business standards with a wealth of expertise offering recognition in certified management systems.


AS9100 Revision D is a quality management system protocol for the aerospace sector. It is focused on ISO 9001:2015 and includes additional aerospace-related criteria. It was first written by the Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE International, in 1999 and has since been updated from AS9000 to AS 9100. AS9100D is the most recent edition.

The AS9100 is the result of a combined endeavor by a variety of aerospace agencies, each with its own quality management standards or specifications. The harmonization of their specifications with the usage of ISO 9001 as a standard, with a quantitative focus, contributed to the release of AS9100 and ended the era in which it was exceedingly difficult to comply with the different criteria of these organizations.

AS9100D compliance may be accomplished by ISO 9001:2015 compliant or approved companies by introducing external requirements that go beyond the ISO 9001 quality criteria to maintain safety security and effectiveness. As for other protocols, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, registrars carry out validation checks worldwide.

ISO 13485

ISO 13485 is a collaborative system that sets down regulatory guidelines for suppliers of medical devices. That allows companies the means to fulfill their market and regulatory requirements. The standardized requirement for achieving the specifications of surgical instruments is widely accepted in today’s world and IQC The ISO Pros of Utah in Orem (UT) is here to help you get trained and updated.

The key goal is to have a harmonized standard on the global market for the standards of the Quality Management System, provided that various countries have different parameters. While the text remains unchanged, ISO 13485 is in practice harmonized with ISO 9001.

This training we provide in Orem, Utah (UT) offers you an outline of the goals and requirements of the revised ISO 13485:2016 standard for quality management systems for medical devices.

During your preparation, we will provide you with an introduction to the new standard by examining the specifications of ISO 13485:2016. Our coaching can help you grasp the spirit of the current revised Management System Principles and learn how to better execute the company’s expectations for quality enhancement. This training is taught by trained professionals and is aimed at individuals employed in the medical equipment industry who are responsible for applying for or collaborating in the Quality Management System (QMS). This covers laboratory and research centers as well.

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